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What we offer

Since its foundation in May 2002, the de'ge'pol has gradually advanced. Withcurrently about 150 members, both our leading role in the development of criteria for quality management for political consultancy as well as an increasing presence in the discussion on transparency within the area of political consulting show that the de'ge'pol has become an important focal point within its line of business and the leading association for political consultants in Germany. Furthermore the de'ge'pol is national partner of the most important associations for political consultants on the European and international level, with whom an active intercommunication takes place.

This development is backed by many active members, who participated in the formulation of a code of conduct (2002/03) and a criteria catalogue for quality management in political consulting (2004/05). Today the de'ge'pol is well on it's way to become an inherent part of the communication market’s system of self-regulation.

Besides such questions regarding our principles and the setting of boundaries to any black sheep in our line of business, we have always dealt with the issue of content. This is demonstrated by our annual symposia with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, our likewise annual Cadenabbia seminars with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation as well as internal and external experts’ meetings, which allow an active professional intercommunication.

de'ge'pol offers its members a number of advantages:

I. Events

  • internal and external experts’ meetings on the subject area of political consulting
  • workshops and seminars

II. Network

  • regular meetings for exchange
  • workgroups on relevant issues
  • newsletter

III. Press and public relations

  • strengthening of the profile of political consulting in the public


Premises for a membership are a perennial professional experience in the area of political consulting (internal or external) and a current occupation as consultant in one of the following fields of political consulting: public affairs, campaign consulting and policy consulting. Thereby only personal memberships will be assigned.

de'ge'pol’s executive committee decides in agreement with the advisory board based on the provided information – especially the detailed curriculum vitae – about the acceptance of new members. The executive committee’s decisions are final. Your information will be kept in confidence and is only used for the stated purpose.
Part of the premises of a membership is the commitment to observe de'ge'pol's code of conduct.
The code of conduct is one of the basic documents for a consistent formation of transparent and professional political consulting, that our members feel committed to.
These basic documents contain the statute, the code of conduct, the course of action towards offences against the de'ge'pol code of conduct and the criteria catalogue for quality management in political consulting.

The names of our members and their company, their capacity and web address will be published as well as optionally a picture, to ensure a transparent presentation. By joining the de'ge'pol this publication is agreed to.

Membership fee

de'ge'pol's membership fee amounts to 150 € per annum. Corporate members' fee amounts to 1000 € per annum and includes up to five representatives.

Membership Application

Please download the membership application form (Word document, German language) to become an individual or corporate member of de'ge'pol.